During her career, mainly during the nineties, Lisa Stansfield obtained many and prestigious awards. In this page it is possible to find the information about the various awards and- up to that- for each award there will be a main description of it.

Women's World Award

2005 - World Art Award

The Women World Award is a famous annual competition sponsored by the organization World Award, led by the ex Russian President Mikhail Gorbaciov, addressed to the women who influenced the World with their job and their image, especially in the society by a general point of view or in the policy. This event was created in 2004. The award is a small sculpture representing a feminine silhouette.

BRIT Award (British Grammy)

1992 - Best British Female Artist
1991 - Best British Female Artist
1990 - Most Promising Newcomer

The first edition of the nick-named Brit Awards is from 1977 under the auspices of the BPI, the Category Association of the British Music Industry. The last edition of BPI Awards took place in the Albert Hall and has been the first event to be telecasted in the primetime. In 1989 has been new-named the British Awards, or Brit Awards. Mastercard is the historical sponsor of this annual event. BRIT is also a backronym of British Record Industry Trust which helps the youth in the art and teaching of BRIT School of London.

DMC Award

1991 - Best Album (Real Love)
1990 - Best Album (Affection)
1990 - Best Artist

The DMC Award is an award given during the DMC World DJ Championship. DMC (Disco Mix Club) is a record label founded by Radio Luxembourg legendary DJ Tony Prince in 1983. The label was the first to provide DJ members with ready made mixes and free record promotion.DMC is world renowned for bringing the DJ culture to the mainstream, in fact, since 1986 DMC promotes and hosts the World DJ Championship, an amazing competition among the best DJs. As a results of DMC's DJ polls, many great names of the music industry walked on stage to accept their DMC awards.

World Music Award

1991 - Best British Artist

The World Music Awards, founded in 1989, is a show of international awards addressed to the artists who have achieved higher sales in the year. The whole event was held under the patronage of the Prince Albert of Monaco.

Silver Clef Award

1990 - Best New Artist

The Silver Clef Awards is a prestigious award who is reserved yearly from 1976 to Great Britain rock music artists who have distinguished themselves for the extraordinary contribute to the music. The event is held under the patronage of the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy, an English institution studying physical and mental deseas with the help of music therapy.

Billboard Award

1990 - Best Newcomer

The Billboard Music Awards or BMA, are, together with the Grammy Awards and with the American Music Awards, one of the most important American awards, sponsored by the magazine Billboard. The prize is yearly given during the month of December, from 1990 and with only one interruption in 2007. Like the AMA and BMA in the USA, they recognize awards based on the sales of the artists, calculated from the music charts Billboard (200 and hot 100); the awards are given to the best single song, to the best album and to the best artist in every style of music.

Ivor Novello Award

1991 - Best Contemporary Song (All Around The World)
1990 - Best International Song (All Around The World)

The Ivor Novello Awards, named after the artist Ivor Novello, is an award dedicated to music composers and songwriters. It has been introduced in 1955. The prize, nick-named "The Ivors", is given during the month of May and sponsorised by the Performing Right Society, one of the best English talent scout agency. The awards consists in a bronze sculpture of Euterpe, the Greek muse of music.


1991- Writer of the Most Performed Song (All Around The World)

ASCAP adjudges to his main associates a series of annual awards, split in 7 sub-categories: Pop, Rhythm & Soul, Film & television, Latina, Country, Christian, Rock, Metal; Rap and Concert Music. Up to that, ASCAP includes Jazz music artists in its Jazz Hall of Fame with an annual celebration which takes place by the Society New York headquarter. ASCAP is the only organization of this sector with money prizes.


Apart of the above mentioned awards, Lisa Stansfield has been nominated many times to concour to the assignation of further awards of which a short recapitulations lis isted here below:

1998 - Brit awards (Best British female solo artist)
1995 - Brit awards (Best British female solo artist)
1993 - Brit awards (Best British female solo artist)
1993 - Brit awards (Best British video - So natural).
1992 - Brit awards (Best British video - Change)
1991 - Grammy awards (Best pop female vocalist)
1991 - Grammy awards (Best new artist)
1991 - Brit awards (Best British album)
1990 - MTV video music awards
1990 - American music awards (Best female artist soul-R&B)
1990 - American music awards (Favorite new artist soul- R&B)
1990 - American music awards (Best new artist)
1990 - Brit awards (Best music video - All around the world)
1990 - Brit awards (Best British single - All around the world)

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