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Lisa Stansfield Experience rise from an Alex Bettucchi and Amedeo Pesole’s idea, two Italian fans who met on Facebook, and decided to honor the undisputed Queen of British soul. The objective was immediately to realize a web portal built with a modern concept and easily accessible to all so the world could know the life, career, and absolute professionalism of Lisa who, up to now, was not represented on the web in a complete and exhaustive way. That's how this adventure started and we hope this portal could really become a precise and constant reference point for all Lisa's fans all over the world and music lovers in general. Following a brief presentation of the two authors.

Alex Bettucchi (28-04-77) - Genoa, Italy

I like black, soul and pop music; I like to play the piano and keyboards and I recorded some songs in hip hop and funky style. Since 2005 I created various web sites, and in 2010 I decided to dedicate one of them to my favourite singer (obviously I’m talking about Lisa Stansfield). I'm a big fan since the 90's, and I saw her singing live in Genoa, my city, in 2002.
I work in chemistry field and I love writing; I am very curious and always looking for new and exciting things to do.

Amedeo Pesole (14-09-64) - Flawil, Switzerland

I love soul, rithm & blues and pop music. I was born in Switzerland, but I grow up in Naples, and now I live in Tuscany. I like to play the bass, I’m crazy for the motoring, and I’m also an ex American football player. I work for a big Italian fashion brand. I love writing and let everyone know my ideas. I've always followed Lisa, but there was a long time when I didn’t know anything about her. I was able to rediscover and appreciate all her talent. I am a great dreamer, I wouldn’t change my dreams, even the impossible ones with nothing in the world.

Thanks to:

Cristina Solenni for technical support, for english translations and for her collaboration.
Nick Mead and Coldcut for their courtesy and kindness.
Federica Russo, Ilaria Fabbri, Sinar Romero & Antonella Pesole for english translations
Tania Gagliotta and Bev Nathan for precious informations.

For contact: info@lisastansfieldexperience.com

Lisa Stansfield Experience
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