Memories of an unforgettable concert

There are things that a person imagines for a lifetime, wondering if they will ever become a reality. You keep these wishes near your heart, hoping that someday somehow, an unexpected touch of magic will make them happen.

One of my greatest desires, since I was 12, has always been to attend a concert by Lisa Stansfield. Then, in 2002, a miracle happened: after the release of Face Up, Lisa decided to do a European tour that would touch my country, Italy, and eve my city, Genoa, which historically doesn’t host international artists because of the lack of suitable facilities. I noticed with regret in the following weeks that the concert was not having much publicity despite the organizers had chosen Lisa to give the city a high-level event on the day of the inauguration of the Arena where it would be performed. Personally I had a hard time believing my eyes every time I saw a poster in the street announcing the concert of Lisa; at the beginning seemed almost a joke, yet it was the truth and years and years of loyal admiration for the queen of white Soul were finally rewarded. Within two days I got the ticket, and in the following weeks I was very happy while awaiting the event.

On the evening of the concert I arrived at the Arena del Mare very early, and alone. I had no friends or relatives with me, but perhaps it was also an unconscious choice, an attempt to savor and enjoy this unique moment in a very intimate way.

The sight of the environment was amazing, with ships arriving and departing that seemed to want to participate in the show. The venue was nothing more than an outdoor theater with 1400 seats, situated at the center of the port in my town, which, in the evening, offers a mix of light and charm unmatched.

After waiting not too long, once the sun had set, the show finally started: I remember the thrill of seeing Lisa Stansfield a few feet away from me, after years I had listened to his music without ever remotely think that one day I might admire her so close. But she was there that night, small figure, short hair, jeans with low waist and bolero blacks, ready to give the audience an evening of great music.

The concert, song after song, proceeded in the best way, but at some point Lisa tried to warm up the audience, perhaps a little too quiet, and spoke in a perfect Italian accent that I remember as if it were now: "Do not be shy, this is a party, not a concert."

I and other people then got up and went under the stage, not worrying about what might have happened behind us and it was there that the evening took off for me definitely. With my elbows propped on the stage now, I was more incredulous to see Lisa in less than a meter from me, I took the opportunity to take some photos (half of which unfortunately resulted blurred or too dark) and touched the sky with a finger when she shook hands with us all that were jumping and singing in the front row.
She sang eighteen songs (including encores), with highlight tracks on the new album and some great successes, for a total of about an hour and a half concert. A few timid request for an encore further from our little group of fans. But once he left the tape recorded music, the lights came off ... the end.

Once out of the arena, I wanted to challenge luck even more and tried to go for an autograph and a souvenir photos with Lisa. Unfortunately, I arrived late in the place where I could meet the whole band, and unfortunately, nothing happened.

I wasn't disappointed though, I returned home with the knowledge that I have fulfilled a dream even bigger than I had imagined as a kid and, at the age of 25, although the childhood years away now, I realized that it is never too late to continue to cultivate those passions that every day can transform our lives into something beautiful.

Thanks Lisa!

written by: Alex Bettucchi

Lisa Stansfield Experience
Copyright by Alex Bettucchi & Amedeo Pesole © All rights reserved.

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